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Royal Jelly anti-aging face and décolletage massage

Perfect beauty with the Royal Jelly treatment: it nourishes, revitalizes, deeply regenerates the skin, which makes it resistant, tight and lighter in tone. The pleasant scent of the product exudes calmness and provides a sense of comfort.

Firming and revitalizing massage with professional active ingredients

Royal jelly is a unique, natural elixir, and the Wolfiporia extensa is a species of mushroom known for its exceptionally strong anti-aging effect, as it has a direct effect on cells. It significantly improves the cohesion of the skin and restores the skin's resilience.

  • After the treatment, the skin is prepared to face the external effects of everyday stress.

  • It renews your natural resistance to negative influences.

  • It regains its optimal resistance, i.e. it will not be sensitive to external negative effects and regenerates faster.


About the products used for Royal Jelly facial massage


Royal Jelly skin serum

After washing and toning, the product itself is appliedserum, whose active ingredients include royal jelly and wolfiporia extensa mushroom extract. The concentrated active ingredient exerts an intense effect together with the other phases of the massage.


Massage cream, face mask and skin emulsion

The next element in the process is anourishing massage cream with royal jelly, which is worked into the skin during a 25-30-minute firming and revitalizing face and décolletage massage. Then we fill it with nutrient-rich  with a beeswax face mask, 15-20 minutes. Finally, the nourishing skin emulsion is applied to soothe the skin and create protective layers.


Recommended for

For almost anyone who wants to pamper, nourish, regenerate and build protection against environmental influences during a pampering, soothing facial massage.

  • For all skin types showing signs of stress, fatigue and premature aging.

  • Ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, moisture, depilation, etc. for the treatment of skin exposed to its negative effects.

  • For customers over 35 years old.

  • A treatment that can be used all year round.


Royal Jelly royal jelly, anti aging treatment, face and décolleté massage

Length of treatment: approx. 70-80 minutes

Treatment price: HUF 16,000

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