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Timexpert SRNS Epigenetic facial treatment against skin aging

THE TIMEXPERT SRNS The GLOBAL ANTI-AGE ON ADVANCED program is the latest achievement in cosmetics, which is based on epigenetics. The treatment provides an effective and comprehensive solution for aging skin, relying on the following three main pillars:  REGENERATE - RESTORE - REFILL.

Epigenetics activates dormant genes

Germaine de Capuccini presents for the first time a professional treatment that adapts to the "story" of each facial skin in order to slow down skin aging.

The treatment perfects the classic mechanisms of action of the TIMEXPERT SRNS product line, incorporating into its anti-aging technology the Zinc-Glycine Complex based on epigenetics, the active ingredient awarded the "Cosmetics Nobel Prize".

Effect and result:

  • promotes the rejuvenation of aging skin, the effect of which is: fewer wrinkles, less flaky and dry skin


Germaine de Capuccini's most effective products for reducing the effects of skin aging

Elements of  Timexpert SRNS epigenetic facial treatment

  • Pure Re-Plump On serum: fast-absorbing gel with an immediate skin-tightening and relaxing effect.

  • Restore On facial massage emulsion: a rich, nourishing emulsion based on the alpha-gel principle with an extraordinary rejuvenating effect. It reduces wrinkles and sagging skin, and removes signs of fatigue.

  • Turn Beauty On mask: an extremely rich mineral mask, the occlusive effect of which fills the skin with life and makes it radiant.

  • Recover On liquid emulsion: The product to end the treatment covers the skin with a soft veil. The cocktail of active ingredients strengthens and rejuvenates it, as well as supports its natural resistance.


Recommended for

  • For all skin types, to alleviate the effects of the external environment and stress, but primarily for mature skin

  • For dry or very dry skin.

  • It can be used in any season

Image by Sangharsh Lohakare

Timexpert SRNS Epigenetic facial treatment against skin aging

Length of treatment: approx. 90 minutes

Treatment price: HUF 28,000

The Power of Epigenetic Components

The most important ingredients of Timexpert SRNS facial treatment (out of 37)






Multi-lamellar ceramide complex


Glyco 8-Power


Defensitive Complex


Vitamin C derivative (VC-IP)

The regenerating power of Timexpert SRNS is also available at home


Such an effective product line that you will not replace!

  • Intensive Regenerating Cream for day and night use - HUF 26,490

  • Sleeping-Cure Night detox concentrate, antioxidant, detoxifying, soothing, moisturizing - HUF 22,290

  • Repair Night Progress Eye - Intensive regenerating serum for the eye area - HUF 25,490

  • Timexpert SRNS Eyes Detox formula for glowing skin - for rings and bags - HUF 19,390

  • Timexpert SRNS Night regenerating cream - HUF 25,390

  • PRO 60+ Extra nourishing cream, with epigenol, exceptional cream for aging skin - HUF 32,590

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