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Brow Lamination in Budapest

Brow Lamination price: HUF 13,500

As with Brow Styling, the basis of the procedure is individual design, then plucking and tinting. The difference is that the eyebrow hairs are fixed by combing them in the right direction with a special technique, thus achieving a more orderly, fuller, thicker effect. This fixed direction is maintained for 4-6 weeks.

The final step of Brow Lamination is a skin-soothing, regenerating, argan oil treatment.


It's for you if...

✅ you like this trending and youthful way

✅ you have your own hair, but you want more characterful, thicker, more fashionable eyebrows that fit your face perfectly

✅ you want it to keep its shape for weeks

✅ you have a worn tattoo that you want to cover up / beautify.

The Brow Lamination treatment takes approx. 1.5-2 hours. During the application of the technique, dyeing and regeneration are done with Bronsun's ammonia-free, hypoallergenic materials, and fixing is done with Thuya Professional brow shaping cosmetics.

Szemöldök laminálás
Mona laminalas
Szemöldök laminálás
Szemöldök Laminálás előtte-utána
Szemöldök Laminálás
Szemöldök Laminálás előtte, utána
Szemöldök Laminálás
Szemöldök Laminálás
Szemöldök Laminálás
Szemöldök Laminálás
Szemöldök Laminálás
Szemöldök Laminálás és Szempilla Lifting
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